Ready Tube is an alternative to steel tubular framing; it is lightweight yet strong and durable while also being corrosion resistant, meaning it can be used indoor or outdoor and won’t rust. The profiles are pre-drilled making it easy to assemble while still being cost-effective. Ready Tube is perfect for medium-weight applications
such as workstations, tables, and carts.

Ready Tube is simplistic to use and requires minimal machining. Easily build your next project with a small hand wrench. There are also several different lengths of pre-cut bars giving you options for your build. Keep in mind, also, that Ready Tube is modular and reconfigurable allowing you to add, change, modify and expand your project down the road.

The most common fastening method for Ready Tube is the Ready Connector Kit. The kit includes all of the hardware you will need to easily assemble your project. You only have to determine your profile lengths and the number of fastener kits you need and you’re all set!
Consider the following benefits
of Ready Tube: